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EngTech Services is an engineering services company based in Dallas, TX. EngTech Services is actually a DBA to SoC Cores LLC, which was founded in March 2014 by Robert Bowers and Dwight Patterson. Both Robert and Dwight have over 25 years’ experience in ASIC and FPGA design and verification. SoC Cores capitalizes on that industry experience to provide individuals or teams of chip design and verification engineers as augmented staffing for existing engineering teams at companies of all sizes. Engineering management services can be included if needed.

The founders’ network of hundreds of experienced engineers is the cornerstone of EngTech Services. With this powerful network, EngTech Services is able to provide generalized prototyping services to the entrepreneurial community as well as engineering services to established businesses of all sizes.

We welcome your feedback on the blog. We intend to bring you stories of interest to entrepreneurs and the technical community in general. We will also let you know what is going on at EngTech Services and SoC Cores to the extent we are able to do so. We have mutual NDAs in place with all our clients, so our ability to share information about what is going on under the hood is limited.

The next couple of blog entries will help introduce EngTech Services. Our next post will focus on how we help entrepreneurs, while the next post will look at what we do for established businesses.

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