How EngTech Services Helps Entrepreneurs

As we meet people in the community and talk about our company, it is common for people to assume they have to be at least in some way technically inclined to need our services or even to have an initial consultation with us.

It is true that we are frequent attendees at various technical or entrepreneurial meetings around DFW. We attend these meetings to keep relationships going, stay updated on the latest technology and business trends and meet new people in the community. But you don’t have to be members of IEEE, Tech Titans or any of the other meetups around town to meet with us or become a client.

All you need is an idea. And anyone can have an idea.

We have all heard of the multi-billion dollar companies that started with virtually nothing. Diverse companies such as Wrigley’s, Subway, Apple and Harley Davidson started this way.

But much more likely is the possibility of growing your idea over time into a company which can generate hundreds of thousands or a few million dollars a year in profit. Not Google or Hewlett-Packard, but still a nice business which could allow you and your family to live quite comfortably over the long run.

Sometimes we get potential clients who come to us with the concern that their idea will be stolen if they tell anyone about it, including us. Rest assured that with EngTech Services, both parties sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) which provides a degree of safety for all parties involved. All conversations are private from our very first meeting.

Understandably, cost is often another concern we hear about. A lot of our competitors charge just to do the upfront work of analyzing your idea and coming up with a design and development plan for your prototype. At EngTech Services, there is never any cost for the system engineering or planning phase of your relationship with us. In addition, we often work with clients to secure funding for the design and development of a prototype of your idea.

Some clients come to us with little or no business experience. We are happy to discuss general business topics and introduce you to people in our network who can make your transition into the world of entrepreneurs much easier. We want our clients to be successful in their new ventures and hope to have long business relationships with them.

The rest of our website explains our process in greater detail. Click around to find out how we can work together to bring your brightest idea to light.

Feel free to contact us at 469-319-0976 or for questions, comments or to set up an initial consultation.

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