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What EngTech Services Does For Established Businesses

All businesses need some level of technical capabilities. Websites, IT and software for specialized HR functions are just a few of the technical needs of all companies, technical or not. Whether the need is ongoing or for a project of specific duration, EngTech Services has the capabilities available to allow you to focus on your …

How EngTech Services Helps Entrepreneurs

As we meet people in the community and talk about our company, it is common for people to assume they have to be at least in some way technically inclined to need our services or even to have an initial consultation with us. It is true that we are frequent attendees at various technical or …

Who we are

Welcome to the EngTech Services blog! EngTech Services is an engineering services company based in Dallas, TX. EngTech Services is actually a DBA to SoC Cores LLC, which was founded in March 2014 by Robert Bowers and Dwight Patterson. Both Robert and Dwight have over 25 years’ experience in ASIC and FPGA design and verification. …

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